The Potomac Exchange

Opening Doors and Dialog Between Major Global Businesses and Recently Accredited Ambassadors

The Potomac Exchange is a private membership organization of executives from select, leading global firms that provides unique opportunities to meet and talk with recently accredited foreign ambassadors.

Throughout the year, members host a recently credentialed foreign ambassador at a private off-the-record luncheon to discuss priorities, initiate business relationships, and network.

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"The cozy atmosphere that your team worked so hard to create helped to facilitate a lively, informative, and insightful conversation on Korea and Korea-US relations."

HE CHO Yoon-je, Ambassador of Korea

"I really enjoyed meeting the group, which was a very well informed one. All questions I received were quite relevant."

HE Roman Macaya Hayes, Ambassador of Costa Rica

January 24, 2019



HE Francisco Santos, Ambassador of Colombia

HE Ivan Korčok, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic


HE Wilson Masilingi, Ambassador of Tanzania


    • HE Gerard Araud
    • Ambassador of France
    • HE Jose Manuel G. Romualdez
    • Ambassador of the Philippines
    • HE Carlos dos Santos
    • Ambassador of Mozambique
    • HE Emanuel Gonzalez-Revilla
    • Ambassador of Panama
    • HE Haris Lalacos
    • Ambassador of Greece
    • HE George Cristian Maior
    • Ambassador of Romania
    • HE Fernando Oris de Roa
    • Ambassador of Argentina
    • HE Madjid Bouguerra
    • Ambassador of Algeria
    • HE Virachai Plasai
    • Ambassador of Thailand
    • HE Hynek Kmonicek
    • Ambassador of the Czech Republic


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