HE Carlos Pareja Rios

Ambassador of Peru


Professional Experience

  • Director-General, Directorate General of Africa, Middle East and Gulf countries, Lima, Peru (April 2015–Aug. 2016)

Responsible for bilateral and regional policy with Africa, Middle East and the Arab Gulf countries. Senior official of Peru to the South America and Arab Countries Forum –ASPA– and to the South America and Africa Forum –ASA.

  • Director-General, Directorate General of America, Lima, Peru (Sep. 2014–April 2015)

Responsible of the political affairs of the Peruvian Government with all the countries of America and the Caribbean, as well as affairs of integration and border development with neighboring countries. Also responsible for affairs with the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR for its acronym in Spanish) and the Community of Latin American and the Caribbean States (CELAC for its acronym in Spanish).

  • Peruvian Ambassador to Chile (March 2009–Aug. 2014)

Ambassador in Chile during the sensitive period of the controversy over the maritime boundary between the two countries, submitted to the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice of The Hague in 2008, which was resolved in final, unappealable and binding judgment, in January 2014.

This historical period in the Peruvian-Chilean relations was characterized by an intense dynamism in political, economic-commercial aspects, of important reciprocal investment and for an unprecedented concertation among the forces of civil society which favored the understanding between the two countries.

  • Chief of State Protocol, Lima, Peru (Aug. 2006–March 2009)
  • Responsible for the Summits, held in Lima: Latin America-Europe 2008 and APEC 2008.
  • Peruvian Ambassador to Switzerland (2003-2005)
  • Peruvian Ambassador to Spain (2000-2002)
  • National Director, Directorate General of Sovereignty and Border Development, Lima, Peru (1998–2000)

Participated in the Peace Negotiations with Ecuador (1997-1999) as the Executive Secretary of the Peruvian-Ecuadorian Border Integration Commission.

Member of the Peruvian-Ecuadorian Neighborhood Commission and Chairman of the Directorate of the Binational Development Plan for the Peru-Ecuador Border Region.

In March 1999, headed the Peruvian delegation in the Negotiations with Chile aimed to resolve the outstanding issues of the Peruvian-Chilean Boundary Treaty of 1929 and its Complementary Protocol. These negotiations concluded with the signing of the “Act of Execution” on November 13th, 1999, and the concession in favor of Peru, of port facilities in the Chilean port of Arica.

  • Promoted to Ambassador (1999)
  • Chief of Cabinet of the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs (1997-1998)
  • Minister Counsellor in the Embassy of Peru in Santiago (1993-1997)
  • Director for South American Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1990-1993)
  • Political Counsellor of the Embassy of Peru in Washington (1984-1990)


  • Bachelor in Law, Universidad de San Martín de Porres (1977)
  • Master in Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Diplomatic Academy of Peru (1976)
  • Law studies, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1972)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (1969)

Teaching Experience

  • University of Lima, Professor of Public International Law (2006–2008)


  • Orden El Sol del Perú, Gran Cruz (2009)
  • Orden al Mérito del Servicio Diplomático del Perú José Gregorio Paz Soldán, Gran Cruz (2008)


  • Bilingual in Spanish and English
  • Intermediate French


  • Date of Birth: July 7, 1950
  • Peruvian citizen
  • Married in 1979 with Consuelo Salinas (1954)
  • Two sons, Juan (1981) and Jose (1985)

May 2, 2017 at the The Hay-Adams Hotel